The Family of La Clandestine

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While La Clandestine is our most famous absinthe and the first to arrive in the USA, our family of absinthes sold around the world includes some other, very popular absinthes.

La Clandestine Blanche

Our Flagship

La Clandestine: officially launched to mark the Swiss legalisation of absinthe on March 1, 2005. With a recipe made up of more than 10 plants, it has, at first nosing, a wonderful richness of aromas, followed by a lingering light bitterness. This absinthe won first prize and "Absinthe d’or" at the National Competition for Swiss spirits on September 16, 2005 and Gold Medal in the same competition in 2007.

In the USA, La Clandestine is available in a slightly larger (750 ml) bottle, with a slightly different label to meet the needs of the US market.

53% abv 106 proof


La Clandestine Blanche Intense

For those who prefer it a bit stronger.

Based on the same recipe as La Clandestine, La Clandestine Blanche Intense has a higher alcohol content and reminds us of the old days before the ban. Once diluted with fresh water, the bitterness and the rich flavor of this authentic absinthe will persuade you of its premium quality.

Prior to 2022, this was known as La Capricieuse and was sold at a higher alcohol strength. The small reduction to its new strength allows us and our customers to ship it more easily.

69% abv 138 proof

Recette Marianne

pic_btl_marianne_s.jpg Multiple Prize Winner!

After conquering the Swiss market, La Clandestine wanted to participate in the French Absinthiades in Pontarlier. In order to conform to the strict French laws on fenchone, a new product was conceived only ten days before the actual event. A new product, a new label and & a new medal. Marianne was awarded the Golden Spoon of 2005, 2006, 2007 and again in 2008. Marianne has a sharper taste than La Clandestine Originale; less smooth and rather piquant and spicy, with a mild bitterness. A perfect absinthe with 55% abv content with a long-lasting flavor.

IN SHORT: Even if the recipe had to be changed for the French market, this absinthe is of the highest quality!

55% abv 110 proof


La Clandestine Verte

angel100x100.jpg Our New Baby .... and our new Prize Winner!

After two years of success with its original absinthes, we started production of our first "verte," or green absinthe. Angélique was created to meet the demands of some of customers for an absinthe with a stronger but reduced anise taste. The colour, which is completely natural, comes from the maceration of wormwood in aromatic plants. After filtration, the macerate is added to distilled absinthe and the resultant blend is stored in wooden barrels to give it a light woody, more rounded taste. It seems that Angélique is popular in France too: in October 2009, it won the Golden Spoon at the Pontarlier Absinthiades. A fifth consecutive Golden Spoon for Claude-Alain! More details here.

In 2022, Angélique becomes La Clandestine Verte.

68% abv 136 proof