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Firstly, a historic video. This was filmed for the Thirsty Traveler in Switzerland in 2004 (when many of today's absinthes had not even been conceived), while La Clandestine was still illegal and while Claude-Alain was distilling in the laundry room in his house! Kevin, thanks for the film.

Now a collection of videos from YouTube. Please see instructions below the video ...

See the button just above www? Click it and it turns red to show a range of videos to view. Alternatively, click to play. Then move your mouse/cursor over the video to see the range. Clever!

"The Truth about Absinthe" and "How to serve Absinthe" are two excellent videos featuring Stéphane Ostiguy, President of the Dieu du Ciel bar in Montreal (our first on-premise outlet in North America).

La Clandestine in Japan is actually a video made by our Japanese partner to show to consumers in Japan. Great shots of making absinthe and you don't need to speak Japanese to understand what is going on.

Absinthe lovers love to "louche." So thanks to Hugue from Montreal for the excellent La Clandestine "louching" video! Seeing this should make it clear why taking your time to enjoy absinthe the way its distiller wants you to enjoy it is essential. And so much better than burning the distiller's creation!

The fifth video is one of a very interesting series made by Paul Nathan of San Francisco for Absintheology.

The sixth video was made by and compares the "louches" of La Clandestine and the Recette Marianne. Beautifully produced! And the video is good too.


19 November 2009 clip from TSR (Swiss TV): Couvet named worst town in Switzerland; the response of the residents and of a famous distiller.

29 October 2009 clip from Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss TV in German).

6 August 2009: 2 part clip from TSR with Claude-Alain Bugnon and Jacques Hainard:

Part 1

Part 2

28 July 2009: clip from TSR with Claude-Alain Bugnon in Japan.

27 November 1960: historic clip from TSR: the clandestine absinthe makers of the Val-de-Travers. 50 years after the ban, and 45 years before re-legalisation.

So this page already contains videos from USA, Canada, Japan and the UK , as well as several shot in Switzerland. Any contributions from other countries will be much appreciated. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it me any details and we'll see if we can add your video too.