La Clandestine appoints global sales partner

Mercredi, 16 Février 2011 14:26

Artemisia Distribution, owners of La Clandestine, the hand-crafted absinthe from the Swiss birthplace of absinthe, have appointed MAS Wines and Spirits as their global sales partner, handling all countries with the exception of Switzerland, Germany, UK and Japan.

100% natural, La Clandestine is distilled using a Swiss moonshiner’s recipe from 1935, in Couvet, Switzerland, using botanicals from the region. It is a classic Swiss "bleue" style, 53% abv absinthe. No other style of absinthe reflects the regionality and "terroir" that is unique to absinthe from its birthplace.

Its master distiller, Claude-Alain Bugnon, has won numerous competitions in Switzerland and France and his absinthes are prized as being amongst the worlds best at the Absinthiades, an annual French event which could be considered the Absinthe ‘Oscars’.

Joining La Clandestine in MAS Wines & Spirits will be sister brands, Angélique Verte Suisse, launched in 2007 and the first "Verte" in Switzerland since 1910, and Butterfly, an absinthe first made and sold in Boston, USA between 1902 and 1920, and now re-launched using Swiss ingredients and "savoir faire."

La Clandestine can already be found in 20 countries, more than any other high quality absinthe. Alan Moss, Global Brand Ambassador, says, “We are delighted to be working with MAS Wines & Spirits alongside their premium portfolio and are looking forward to developing the real absinthe sector in further countries together.”

Marco Violin of MAS Wines & Spirits adds, “What sets La Clandestine clearly apart is its combination of provenance, taste, reputation and style. The original moonshiners conducted their trade quietly and subtly, and La Clandestine reflects this. Now it is legal almost everywhere, we believe the time is now perfect for a slightly less “clandestine” market approach!”