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Europe (Online, All Products):

UK (La Clandestine, Angélique and Butterfly):


Canada (La Clandestine):

Switzerland (La Clandestine, La Capricieuse and Angélique):

Netherlands (La Clandestine, Angélique and Butterfly)

France (La Clandestine, Recette Marianne, Angélique and Butterfly):

Germany (La Clandestine, La Capricieuse, Angélique and Butterfly) via LogisticX:

Belgium (La Clandestine, La Capricieuse and Angélique):

Spain (La Clandestine):

Italy (La Clandestine):

Czech Republic (La Clandestine, Angélique and Butterfly):

Slovakia (La Clandestine, Angélique and Butterfly):

Estonia (La Clandestine, Angélique & Butterfly):


Poland (La Clandestine and Butterfly):

Russia (La Clandestine):

Greece (La Clandestine):

Austria (La Clandestine):

Portugal (La Clandestine and La Capricieuse):

Hong Kong and Macau (La Clandestine, Angélique, La Capricieuse & Butterfly):

Malaysia (La Clandestine, Angélique and Butterfly):

Singapore (La Clandestine, Angélique and Butterfly):

Japan (La Clandestine, Angélique and La Capricieuse):

La Clandestine Absinthe Supérieure is available in JAPAN through COSMOWORLD Inc., our Exclusive Agent in JAPAN. We are therefore handling all our sales to JAPAN through our Exclusive Agent.  For further information regarding the distribution of our products in JAPAN, please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Thailand (La Clandestine and Angélique):

Cambodia (La Clandestine and Angélique):

Australia (La Clandestine and Angélique):


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