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Swiss absinthe has been making news since the 1790's.

Here are some interesting stories from the New York Times ...

New York Times December 26 1857 - First recorded reference to Absinthe in the NYT (see paragraph two/thirds down left-hand column)

New York Times August 13 1881 - Swiss Absinthe sent through the mail and impounded (image below)

New York Times July 26 1903 - What absinthe is made of (a letter defending

moderate consumption of absinthe)

New York Times July 26 1908 - Swiss call for Absinthe ban

And, much more recently (2.4 MB file):

New York Times November 4 2004 - Claude-Alain Bugnon and Swiss legalisation

Newer stories will be featured on the news pages: we hope you enjoyed this unique and historical selection from the New York Times.